The team here at Stephen Pratt, lawyer have over 25 years experience in legal practice.

Success is achieved by actively listening to client concerns and aspirations for desired outcomes.

We then advise on your options, the mechanisms involved, and the cost.  Our main focus is on communication and preventative law which means minimizing your exposure to the legal system by offering sound advise.  We pride ourselves on helping reduce the trauma, delay and expense often confronting clients with difficult challenges.
There has never been a formal complaint received by the Law Society of NSW or the Legal Services Commission about our work.  This is testament to the care and skill devoted to every client.  It also demonstrates that the fee structure is reasonable, not excessive.

If taken to court, all legal issues are very costly, traumatic and time-consuming.  We pride ourselves on aiming for a one shot solution to resolve issues and prevent escalation into court.

Clients often commence by asking “write them a letter and sort this out!” 

This is a crucial first step for a one shot solution.  It demands detailed instructions and evidence surrounding the issue. It also requires careful consideration and research before drafting comprehensive and convincing submissions about resolution.  

This opening shot may be the only chance to effectively engage in a resolution process without the need to climb on board the litigation superhighway.

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